What makes a good primary school teacher?


Primary School Teaching can be incredibly rewarding and raises its own unique challenges compared with teaching in a secondary environment. Whether you are looking to become a Primary School teacher or are just looking for some tips on how to be even better, we’re here to help! We’ve put together a list of some of the qualities that make a great primary teacher:


They say patience is a virtue, when working with young children it’s more like a requirement! There will be messes, tears and tantrums, the things that invariably follow when you gather a lot of young children together. A good primary teacher needs to be able to take all of this in their stride.


When working with primary-aged children, there’s a good chance that you might be the most important adult in their life outside of their parents. A kind word and a smile can make a child’s day. Really caring about the children in your class will not only make it easier for you to connect teach them, it will also make your job that much more fulfilling as you watch them develop and grow in your class.  

Confidence Building

For a lot of children going to school is the first time that they find out their potential: what they’re good at and also what they’re not so good at. It’s important for a good primary teacher to encourage pupils and help them improve in all areas. They need have the confidence to stick at things that they may initially find difficult.  


The best primary school teachers tap into the natural enthusiasm that most children have at that age with engaging lesson plans. If you teach with real passion, not only will the children’s learning rate be improved, the job will also be more fulfilling for you. 

Sense of Humour

When you work with children, a good sense of humour is a must! It’s not good to be grumpy around young children, so no matter how things are going a good Primary Teacher can greet the situation with a smile and not take things too seriously. 


With anything up to 30 young children in a class that all need attention, good organisation skills are incredibly important. Having your lessons well planned out in advance means you can focus on what the day brings rather than also trying to improvise.

There’s no job quite like Primary School teaching, and if you can bring these qualities into the classroom, then you’re sure to have a fulfilling role. If you would like more information on the Primary School teaching jobs that we have available see our latest jobs.