Sensory Lesson Resources for SEN Teachers


Teaching pupils with special educational needs (SEN) can require a wide variety of skills and sensory resources to help them maximise their potential.

But SEN teachers have plenty of options at their disposal which can aid those in both primary and secondary education.

Resources should be simple and easy to implement in lessons, as this provides ample opportunity to ensure that pupils can grasp the concepts that are being focused on.

Here we have outlined some of the resources available to SEN teachers which can be weaved into lesson plans, regardless of the pupil’s age.

How sensory learning resources can help

Sensory learning aims to encourage children with SEN to use as many senses as possible while exploring topics, being creative and learning as they go.

These techniques can be particularly useful for children with SEN as they can aid their personal development and enable them to achieve their potential.

Using sensory learning in SEN education can help youngsters to concentrate, and help to tackle anxiety, as well as boosting their general happiness and motor skills.

In addition, sensory play can also encourage children to communicate with others in the classroom, helping to develop key language and social interaction skills.

What resources are out there for SEN teachers?

A wide range of resources are available online for both primary education and those in secondary education settings, some of which we’ve detailed below:

Twinkl includes a host of sensory activities, games and resources, which can help children to discover their various senses, all designed by teachers for SEN teachers.

These resources can be easily integrated into lesson planning and can help to enhance brain development for those with SEN.

In addition, InclusiveTeach has printable SEN resources, alongside 150 basic ideas that can deliver different outcomes for children.

Plenty of information to support teaching staff can also be found on the SEND Gateway, a set of resources developed by NASEN, the National Association for Special Educational Needs.

Another set of sensory resources is available via the TTS Group, which includes specific resources designed to support pupils with a range of conditions, including autism, dyslexia and dyspraxia – allowing SEN teachers to create an engaging and stimulating classroom environment for their pupils.

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