How do I become a reader or scribe?


The role of a reader or scribe is to read and/or write under the direction of the student. A scribe is an adult who writes down what a student dictates. The student may be unable to write or have difficulty in producing clear text or diagrams for many different reasons.


As a reader is a person who reads the exam paper to students and reads back their answers when the student asks them.


Would I suit the role?

You require no previous experience to become an Reader or scribe, as FULL training is provided. An Reader or scribe is only required during exam periods which is usually November, December, January, May and June, however, exams can fall outside this time too. 

Generally, you will be required for around 3 hours at a time. The role would be a great stepping stone for someone looking to move into the education sector. It would also suit a student who may have some spare time whilst at university, or a mum or dad with a bit of time to spare during work hours.

Whilst the job takes very little physical effort, it does require someone that is switched on and alert. A patient and calm character would benefit the role as you can be dealing with potentially stressed and panicked students.

How much can I earn?

At Tradewind the average wage for an exam invigilator is £10 per hour, and most exams you would be expected to work for around 3 hours. If you were to work one exam per day for one month, you could earn yourself around £1000 per month! The amount of exams you work is normally down to your choice, so you can do as many or as few as you like.