What are the benefits of precision teaching?


Precision teaching is a highly flexible intervention designed to build children’s confidence and help them fulfil their potential, but what other benefits does it provide?

According to the theory behind it, effective precision teaching target a child’s ‘zone of proximal development’ – defined as skill areas too difficult for them to master on their own, but which can be developed with the right guidance and supervision.

Once areas of potential weakness are identified, teachers can then provide the necessary knowledge and guidance to encourage a child to learn and develop at their own pace.

This is often done via the use of repetitive terms, on the basis that understanding is developed as a pupil’s familiarity with the subject matter improves.

Understanding the benefits of precision learning

A range of children can benefit from the precision learning approach, as it can be used to aid progress, improve accuracy and even boost their willingness to learn.

Given the personalised nature of the approach, and rising class sizes, precision learning can be tough to implement in the classroom without teaching assistants or other support.

Instead of larger groups, it is most effective when done in small groups or on a one-to-one basis, as this enables the teacher to closely monitor progress and to change the areas of focus as required.

The importance of carefully targeted interventions

By using a targeted approach, teachers are able to focus on areas of the curriculum where youngsters need the most help, allowing them to build their word and number skills in the process.

This way, methods which are shown to best help learning can be replicated, while others which are not as effective can be dismissed.

This benefits pupils as their learning will develop naturally, as their spelling and reading will improve as they use and understand more terms.

Where to find precision teaching resources

A vast array of precision teaching resources can be found online, with both Tes and Twinkl home to several teaching packs for use in the classroom.

Those in teaching jobs can also access subject specific resources and plenty of other tools which have been developed by teachers to support those with special educational needs.