Top 5 resources for lesson planning for Secondary Teachers


Top 5 resources for lesson planning for Secondary Teachers

Lesson planning forms a pivotal part of teaching, helping to ensure that all key aspects of the curriculum are covered at some stage in the classroom. Good planning enables you improve your teaching, as well as helping to save time in future too, as you can often reuse and recycle plans with new classes. You’ll want to make sure you get the level of detail right – providing enough to learn from, while also being simple enough to allow for flexibility and personal development.

If you’re looking for some assistance with your lesson planning for this academic year, or you just want some fresh ideas, here are some of the top tips and resources to use.

Consider the key lesson planning inclusions

While there isn’t a set way to plan a lesson, there are several elements that you’ll likely want to include. Think about any prior learning and past lessons, as these will often shape what direction you take your teaching in. You’ll want a clear set of objectives and to know what represents success, as well as considering what specialist subject knowledge is required. This is far more important for secondary teachers when compared to primary level, as classes need to have greater depth. Don’t forget to make sure you have the necessary resources to hand, and plan for a degree of flexibility in case any debate or discussion doesn’t quite go in the intended direction.

Where to find lesson planning templates

From a simple blank lesson template to one that is totally editable, you can access a range of lesson planning templates by creating a free account with Teachwire. For newly qualified teachers, there’s also an option that comes with support guidance, detailing exactly how to complete the plan.

Teacher Toolkit is also home to a five-minute lesson plan resource, backed by the Department for Education and designed to speed up and simplify the planning process.

What about lesson planning apps?

As well as numerous templates, secondary school teachers can also download a range of apps to aid lesson planning. Several feature on the Educational App Store, including Nearpod, a tool which allows you to create interactive lesson plans packed full of videos, audio, quizzes and polls. Alternatively, try Planboard, a calendar-type planner featuring editable templates which can revisited and edited time and again. Others can be easily found by searching on the various app stores.

Make your lessons more creative

Adding creativity to lessons forms a vital element of pupil engagement. By ensuring your lessons have a hook, like a stand-out video or image, it helps to keep your pupils interested in the subject matter and focused on what you have to say. A New Direction hosts a Teachers’ Toolkit designed to help teachers add creativity to lessons through the arts, part of forming a well-rounded curriculum offering.

Let Tradewind Recruitment help

We have a range of certified CPD courses focused on lesson planning, which can provide you with all of the necessary skills to make a difference in secondary school classrooms. These bespoke courses are regularly checked for the latest up-to-date information and are designed to aid your continual development as a teacher.

Our consultants can also provide a range of lesson planning guidance and additional information to support your teaching, meaning you can enter every classroom feeling prepared and ready to teach.

How Tradewind Recruitment can support Teachers looking for their next role in education

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