Frequently asked questions by new Teaching Assistants


Frequently asked questions by new Teaching Assistants

Starting a new job as a teaching assistant could be your first to a long and rewarding career in the education sector. If you’re new to the role of being a TA, or are  considering it as a potential option, we’re here to ensure you’re fully prepared for what is to come.

Here we delve into a handful of the frequently asked questions which come from TAs across the country, so you’ll have all the information you need to kick-start your career exactly as you want.

What might my day as a teaching assistant look like?

While the exact nature of the role will vary depending on what school you’re at, it’s important to note that no two days as a TA will ever be the same. Typically though, the role will involve supporting children with a range of learning needs, working with different age groups, and providing assistance on a one-to-one or small group basis.

You may also need to discuss specific support plans with teachers and other school staff, before implementing them in lessons and reporting back on a child’s progress. Other support activities, such as doing library or playground duty, may also be expected, depending on the school setting.

Where can I find guidance on safeguarding?

Safeguarding is an essential part of education, and there is official government documentation which provides guidance on why this is. Titled Keeping Children Safe in Education 2022, it details all of the key information that school staff and TAs need to know, including situations where you might be legally obliged to take certain actions.

What resources are available to help TAs?

There are numerous online checklists and blogs which focus on the essentials of being a TA too, all of which can provide inspiration if you’re unsure on anything. If you’ve taken a role through Tradewind Recruitment, we’re also just a phone call away too.

Another option is Twinkl, which offers a free TA taster pack so those new to the role will have all of the essential details they might need. There’s also a range of subject specific intervention packs, such as this one for maths, which can provide useful information and support.

What does career progression as a TA look like?

A teaching assistant role can take an individual on a remarkable journey in education. You could opt to stay in the role on a part-time basis to suit your lifestyle or personal needs, while it could also act as a stepping stone into a life of teaching. Further to that, you could develop your skills to take a role as a higher level teaching assistant (HLTA), a move which means you’ll be able to command a higher salary, albeit with far greater responsibility. Alternatively, you could opt to specialise in a certain area, such as becoming a special educational needs (SEN) TA who supports children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

What support can Tradewind Recruitment offer TAs?

Alongside a raft of downloadable resources which are readily available online, TAs using Tradewind Recruitment can also benefit from regular continued professional development courses.

Delivered via webinar, these courses help to develop the basic skills that the role requires, and can serve as a refresher for those considering switching schools or roles. In addition, several NVQ courses can also support your development needs.

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