Myth busting recruitment agency processes


If you’re looking for a new role in the education sector, turning to a recruitment agency could be just the ticket. But with false information to be found in all corners, what do you need to know to tell fact from fiction? Here we bust the myths that surround recruitment agency processes and reveal how to go about finding your dream role.

‘The only jobs available are what is online’

False! While there are many hundreds of jobs listed online, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes in agencies too. Via close connections with the schools they work with, recruitment agencies are often the first in the know when it comes to new vacancies. This puts those they work with at a serious advantage, as individuals could be put forward for roles that are yet to be publicly advertised. Recruiters should also be able to talk you through the job market in your region, providing a range of careers advice and different opportunities.

‘Recruiters just want to place me into roles quickly’

False! The majority of recruiters have long-standing relationships with schools and local councils, and they don’t want to risk damaging those relationships by rushing into things. The majority of contracts require new staff to be in a role for a minimum period of time prior to payment, so recruiters will want to ensure that you’re the right fit for the role you’re being put forward for. Ultimately it benefits all parties if you’re happy and successful in a new teaching job. This means doing a series of checks, getting to understand what you do and don’t want from a role, and ultimately not submitting an application on your behalf if it isn’t the right fit for you.

‘Recruiters only care about money’

False! As touched on above, it’s beneficial to keep both job hunters and schools happy. This puts the emphasis on finding the right placement for a candidate, and this has a knock-on benefit of enhancing the wellbeing of all involved. Our recruiters want to place you into a role that best suits your skills, in a school that will appreciate them.

‘Recruiters won’t help me after I get the role’

False! Not only do our recruiters stay in regular contact with our candidates, but they’re also on-hand to provide useful guidance and advice. There’s also a range of carefully curated continued professional development courses available which can help you to enhance your skills and stay fully up-to-date with the latest developments in the sector. Your recruiter is always just a phone call away.

‘Recruitment agencies are only good for short term fixes’

While we do offer interim roles and fill supply teaching jobs, we also look to the longer term. Catering to your needs is incredibly important to us and we’ll go that extra mile to ensure you’re in the best position possible to succeed next time you step into a classroom. We’ll look at your skills and personality to ensure you’re suitable for a placement, and can provide a range of resources to increase your likelihood of being a success.

How Tradewind Recruitment can support Teachers looking for their next role in education

If you’re a Primary Teacher or Secondary Teacher looking for support in writing your CV and preparing for your interview then we can help! Alternatively, we have lots of resources to help with everything related to you and your career, from top ideas for lesson plans to keeping organised in the classroom.


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