Decorating your classroom to be more student friendly


Decorating your classroom to be more student friendly?


Every teacher wants their classroom to be an environment in which children can learn and thrive.

But if you’re looking to transform your learning setting into a fun and engaging place that helps to motivate your pupils, there’s plenty to consider too. From making the space visually appealing to considering the layout of tables, some simple actions can help to make it more student-friendly.


Here we explore a few of the ways to decorate a classroom and delve into some of the resources you have at your disposal as a teacher.

Why does decorating a learning space matter?


Pupils can get a lot from their classroom, as a positive space can help to motivate them and push them to their limits when learning. It can lead them to question what they are reading, seeing and doing, and encourage them to take analytical approaches to tasks, problems and other activities.


The key element of any wall display should focus on engagement. It should be relevant to a pupil’s learning and could feature role models for them to look up to, or shining examples of good work. An emphasis should also be put on keeping the space bright and airy, as pupils tend to perform better in well-lit spaces. 


How you layout your classroom also matters. If desks are arranged in a way so pupils can face each other and be part of regular discussion, it is friendlier than if desks are in rows and each pupil is staring at the back of the head of the one in front. This encourages interaction and a sense of ease, which can help quieter pupils to engage and feel more comfortable too.


Try Wiki-How for some useful tips on layout and wall decorations, or you may want to turn to Thought Co. to discover a range of strategies you could use. Alternatively, if you wish to engage with younger pupils ahead of implementing any design changes, Twinkl has several activities which encourage youngsters to design their own learning spaces – a great way of giving your class a sense of control over their own learning environment.

A word of caution for teachers

It’s important to note that there’s a balance to strike between making your classroom highly engaging and over-stimulating for youngsters. A study published by ScienceDirect even goes as far as to suggest that some forms of visual environment can have a negative impact, causing distraction and disruption to learning.

In essence, environments can end up being too sensory-rich, meaning that while you may have positive intentions, the learning outcomes may not be as anticipated. It’s therefore important not to overdo it. As a general rule of thumb, roughly half of all available wall space should be kept clear if possible.

Look to have a plan before you start decorating your space to make it more student-friendly, and make sure you don’t deviate from your course too much. This can be easily done as you find new and exciting ways of livening up your wall space.

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