How to Become an Exam Invigilator


An exam invigilator is there to supervise the students during their exams and ensure exam regulations are met. There are a few main tasks you will be expected to complete in the role:

● Maintain a quiet and secure exam environment by preventing cheating and speaking among students

● Provide students with necessary exam materials, such as paper and stationery

● Distribute and collect exam papers in an organised manner

● Assist students who may feel unwell during the exam

● Start and finish exams on time to ensure fairness and consistency

Would I suit the role?

If you choose to find a role with us, you won’t need any previous experience. We’ll provide all the invigilator training to get you started. So, you could be stepping into an exam hall quite soon, right?

Yes, but remember that demand for exam invigilators will vary over the year. They’re typically required during exam periods which is usually January, May and June, however, exams can fall outside this time too. So it can be a reliable stream of work, depending on where you look.

Generally, you will be required for around three hours at a time. Invigilating exams would be a great stepping stone for someone looking to move into the education sector. It would also suit a university student, or perhaps someone who has some spare time in their day.

Whilst the job isn’t very demanding physically, it does require someone that is switched on and alert. If you’ve got a patient and calm presence, this would be perfect for the role as you can be dealing with potentially stressed and panicked students.

How do you become an invigilator for exams

To make it easy for you, we’ve broken it down into a few steps. Here they are:

● Step 1: Learn more about the role of an exam invigilator to see if it’s right for you

● Step 2: Update your CV highlighting any experience that would be relevant to the role

● Step 3: Get in touch with an agency to help you find work that’s nearby to you

How much do invigilators get paid?

At Tradewind, the average wage for an exam invigilator is £8 per hour, and for most exams you would be expected to work for around 3 hours. If you were to work one exam per day for one month, you could earn yourself around £500 per month! The amount of exams you work is normally down to your choice, so you can do as many or as few as you like.

Become an exam invigilator with our help

So, if you like the sound of job flexibility and supporting local schools, we think you might just be a good fit for exam invigilating.

And the best part is, you don’t need any experience. Before you get started, we’ll offer fully comprehensive and free training prior to starting work to make sure that you’re up to speed. Head to our Exam Invigilator, Reader & Scribe jobs to get started.