How to shine as a newly qualified primary teacher


How to shine as a newly qualified primary teacher

If you’re just setting out in your teaching career, you’ll undoubtedly be keen to make a great first impression and to showcase all of your skills. In order to stand out from the crowd, we’ve delved into the ways those in newly qualified primary teacher jobs can shine.

Having a good sense of humour and an ability to remain calm at all times are just some of the traits you’ll be expected to show. Knowing how to perform in the classroom is also vital, as how you operate and manage behaviour as an early careers teacher (ECT) will also influence how your pupils respond to you. This is essential when trying to quickly command attention in order to communicate or when looking to ensure silence quickly.

1. Take opportunities to learn as you go

We recognise that being an ECT can be challenging, not least as you won’t always know what to expect in certain situations. But this can also stand you in good stead as you develop and hone your primary teaching skills, as you’re often forced to learn as you go and to confront the challenges head-on. If you’re looking at newly qualified primary teacher jobs and wondering if you’re up to the task, here’s how you can excel in the role. Be willing to learn as you go and remember that you won’t know everything on your first day.

2. Exude confidence

Any newly qualified primary teacher jobs you take will require you to project confidence – this positivity is often noticed among your pupils and can help to ensure they are more engaged. Make sure your passion shines through on a daily basis, from the first greetings in the morning through to goodbyes in the afternoon.

3. Be highly organised

Planning ahead and knowing exactly what is in store for each day makes it considerably easier for an ECT to deliver fun and engaging lessons. Not only do you avoid scrabbling around for worksheets, materials and stationary, but you can plan the days to ensure that classroom time includes a mix of topics and activities. Those in newly qualified primary teacher jobs at top-performing schools often demonstrate exceptional organisational abilities, something which is ultimately reflected in their lesson quality. These ECTs will have considered the individual needs of their pupils, and may even have tweaked lesson plans to ensure that pupils do not lag behind in their studies.

4. Set joint goals for pupils

Great primary school ECTs will look to ensure that every single pupil is making progress in their classes. Regularly check on their understanding of topics and ask probing questions to make sure they know why they are learning something. Newly qualified primary teacher jobs give you a chance to make a big difference at an early point in a child’s learning.

5. Communication is key

How you communicate with pupils as an ECT is important, but so too is how you converse with other teaching staff. They’ll often have a wealth of knowledge around school policy, how to deal with certain behaviours, and teaching tips for you to dip into. Talk to other staff to get a feel for the school too, as it’s likely they’ll be able to provide some guidance on how you can make a success of your newly qualified primary teacher job.

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