Can you work part time as a TA?


Can you work part time as a TA?

There are more than half-a-million teaching assistants and other similar school staff in England, providing valuable support to teachers and pupils alike.

From helping to craft lesson plans to providing one-to-one classroom assistance, TAs are often called on to help pupils fulfil their potential. They may also work with pupils with special educational needs, depending on their experience and qualifications.

But did you know that there are plenty of different contract options for TAs? You could work as a part-time TA, and while some staff are employed on permanent full-year contracts, most are employed on term-time only, casual or part-time contracts.

Could a part time TA role be right for you?

For those in teacher assistant part-time jobs, it means flexibility and the chance to often work when and how often you choose. You can expect to find these types of TA roles in primary and secondary schools, special schools, academies and nursery settings, providing plenty of choice when it comes to selecting your place of work too.

Your salary will vary depending on how much you work and your responsibilities, with employment conditions set by the school or by the local authority. As a general rule of thumb, if you take on greater responsibility, you can expect to be paid more accordingly.

Understanding TA working hours

It will come as little surprise that TA working hours often match those of the school day, especially during term time. Even if you work part-time (such as on selected days), you can still expect to generally work core hours of 9am to 3pm, with a little leeway on either side.

You may also be required to oversee after school clubs and other events depending on your experience, while attendance at training sessions might also be needed at certain points throughout the academic year. You can expect all of these to be paid at your regular rates.

If you’re considering a teacher assistant part-time job, you’ll want to look carefully at your contract to see what exactly is expected of you. Many schools look for temporary solutions to meet their specific needs or those of their pupils, especially if focused one-to-one support is required. This type of work might heavily influence the hours or days you are required to work, while you may also be able to split individual support between other TAs, depending on the situation.

Ultimately, you should find that part-time TA roles provide an abundance of flexibility, enabling you to find a work-life balance that suits you.

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