The benefits of outdoor learning activities for primary students as we approach summer


The benefits of outdoor learning activities for primary students as we approach summer!

Taking the classroom outside brings with it an array of exciting benefits for youngsters, which is why a rising number of primary teachers are choosing to embrace nature.

As the weather improves, encouraging youngsters out into the playground for lessons can be a great way of getting them more engaged, both with lesson content and the world around them. It’s a move that is also known to enhance wellbeing, bringing with it mental benefits, while also supporting child development.

Here we explore the many benefits of outdoor learning and take a closer look at what primary teachers may wish to focus on as summer looms.

How outdoor learning helps to develop key skills

For primary teachers, using an outdoor space can be a great way to enhance learning. Pupils tend to be more engaged and can develop a number of skills, in addition to a better awareness of the environment.

You can put the focus on basic communication or problem solving, working to enhance what has been discussed in the classroom. Alternatively, venturing outdoors provides ample opportunity for experimentation or contextual learning.

Providing a welcome confidence boost

A key benefit of outdoor learning is the impact it has on youngsters. At an age when they are highly inquisitive, the sense of independence that comes with being outdoors is known to motivate and boost confidence.

The move often has a positive impact on a child’s self-esteem too, again because they can feel that they have a greater degree of freedom to explore and to learn at their own pace. According to a 2018 report into Outdoor Classroom Day, a move outdoors is one of the ‘cheapest and easiest ways’ to reduce some of the pressures faced by children.

Enhancing the curriculum

The national curriculum is packed with topics that are designed to be explored in a multitude of ways. Learning the theory in the classroom can be one small part of the process, as going outdoors provides youngsters with an opportunity to experience certain subjects up close and to put the theory into practice.

From outdoor reading and drama to discovering nature, primary teachers can bring teaching alive with real-life experiences. This tends to increase recall and enables youngsters to learn new skills as they go, including critical thinking and problem solving.

Putting inclusivity at the heart of learning

For some children, the classroom environment may not be the best place for them to learn. Moving outside into a different environment, especially when supporting children with special educational needs, can drive engagement and provide new opportunities.

All pupils can be encouraged to participate when outdoors, as it should be possible to find a broader range of ways to engage with them. When planning lessons, look to give primary youngsters plenty of different chances to take part, ideally via numerous different activities. Ultimately, this should allow you to maximise the benefits of taking the session outdoors.

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