5 signs you were born to be a teaching assistant in a primary school


5 signs you were born to be a teaching assistant in a primary school

Teaching assistants make a vital difference in classrooms across the country, and this is no truer than in primary education settings. But how can you tell if a role is right for you?

Those in primary school teaching assistant jobs require a great understanding of the national curriculum, alongside strong communication skills. You’ll also be able to demonstrate your passion and personality on a daily basis, while boosting the self-esteem of pupils in the process.

If you’re just starting out in your educational career or are considering a change of classroom setting, here’s five signs you were born to be a teaching assistant in a primary school…

1. If you love making a difference…

Primary school settings represent the initial steps into education for pupils, which means teachers and TAs can play a pivotal role in influencing their lives at a young age. If you like the sounds of this, you were born to have a career as a primary school teaching assistant!

From lesson support to reading time and games sessions, you’ll be able to help children discover the world around them. And best of all, you’ll be able to watch them grow and develop as they make their way through primary education.

2. If you love excitement every day…

Primary school pupils want to have fun, and that excitement tends to be present in most classrooms. As every lesson is different and no two days are the same, primary school teaching assistant jobs provide a unique opportunity to forge trusting relationships with pupils. You’ll be able to help them interact with lessons, engage with the activities and enhance their learning. And trust us, when we say few things feel more rewarding.

3. If you want to demonstrate your passion and knowledge…

Youngsters will look up to you as a primary school TA and the role provides plenty of chances to showcase your passion. A positive attitude is a must, but you’ll also be able to see the impact you have first-hand.

4. If you want flexibility…

For a great work-life balance, look to primary school teaching assistant jobs – they provide flexibility by the bucket-load. You’ll only work school hours, and depending on your contract, you may have additional time off too. This means it’s an ideal role for those with family commitments, or those who want to explore new hobbies in the afternoon and at weekends! If you want freedom and flexibility, being a primary school teaching assistant could be just the ticket.

5. If you want to kick-start your career in education…

Primary school teaching assistant jobs provide the ideal start if you’re looking for a career in the education sector. The work is both incredibly varied and rewarding, while providing a real mix of experiences. This will leave you in good standing should you wish to advance to be a higher level teaching assistant (HLTA) role, or even make the leap to being a full-time teacher.

Depending on your preferences, you could also develop specialist knowledge to work with children with a range of special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) or additional learning needs (ALN). These roles have far greater levels of responsibility than those of a regular TA, but provide ample opportunities for personal development.

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