Great reasons to become a teaching assistant


If you're asking yourself whether you want to be a teaching assistant, you've come to the right place.

A teaching assistant is a vital part of the classroom environment. In fact, they account for almost 29% of the total teacher workforce. TAs provide much-needed help to teaching staff to ensure that all pupils can reach their potential. From aiding those with learning difficulties to encouraging top pupils to excel, being a teaching assistant is a highly rewarding role with plenty of opportunities.

There are many great reasons to become a teaching assistant. Here are our top five:

1. It's incredibly rewarding

The role of a teaching assistant is incredibly rewarding as you'll get to spend one-on-one time with students, helping them to reach their goals and being there for them every step of the way. You'll share in the joy and satisfaction of their accomplishments, making every effort worthwhile.

You’ll likely need different approaches to help each pupil, as some will learn in alternative ways to others – this helps to broaden your own skills at the same time, meaning you’re able to continually develop and learn in the role.

As a teaching assistant, you will act as both a role model and a friend, providing academic and emotional support as and when it is necessary to ensure that each child can flourish.

2. Put your skills to good use

One of the joys of being a school assistant is the opportunity to share your own unique skills, knowledge, and passions with students. Whether you have a knack for art, music, sports, or any other subject, you can introduce students to new experiences and help them discover their own interests and talents.

You can create an engaging and dynamic learning environment that inspires students to explore and excel.

3. The first step in a long career?

Being a teaching assistant offers plenty of opportunities for career progression – either into specialist support roles or as the first step towards becoming a teacher.

The classroom experience that is gained during your time as a teaching assistant can prove invaluable when it comes to dealing with challenging situations or when making the step up to a fully-qualified teaching role.

4. There's plenty of variety

The nature of a teaching assistant role means you'll never experience a dull moment. Each day presents new challenges, opportunities, and surprises. Whether you’re faced with new parts of the curriculum, unexplored topics or different student learning challenges to overcome.

School assistant jobs require one-to-one support, assistance to pupils with special needs and disabilities (SEND), guidance with lesson planning, help with classroom preparation and a helping hand at school events and trips.

5. Flexibility and a healthy work-life balance

One of the advantages of being a teaching assistant is the ability to maintain a healthy work-life balance. You’ll only need to work during school hours, which frees you up for quality time with your loved ones or to spend time doing the things you enjoy most.

This balance allows you to recharge and bring fresh energy and enthusiasm to the classroom, benefiting both you and the students you support.

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