Summer learning ideas for SEN teachers


Summer learning ideas for SEN Teachers

Summer can represent a welcome break from learning for pupils, but for those with special educational needs, teachers need to take steps to support them. There’s a need to ensure they retain knowledge picked up during the last academic year, which places a real emphasis on summer learning activities.

This allows pupils with SEN to be better prepared for future learning and means that teachers can have many positive impacts on their education. With summer representing the longest period away from the classroom for pupils, here we explore some of the activities that SEN teachers can use to keep pupils engaged through the holidays.

Put an emphasis on communication

It’s important to remember that communication is key when supporting pupils with SEN. Not only does it help to build trusting relationships, but it also allows teachers to better understand a child’s individual requirements. As a result, SEN teachers are better placed to create lessons and activities which are tailored to the pupils in their classes.

Encourage sport and activity

Taking part in summer sports can be a great way for pupils with SEN to engage with their peers. It can also help to provide motivation when term-time returns, so SEN teachers should look to encourage youngsters to try new things throughout the summer. Various sporting summer camps run, while many amateur sports clubs will also offer sessions where youngsters can discover sports for the first time.

Create a summer club

While the thought of additional education in the summer can be off-putting for some pupils, others may also see it as an opportunity. Some of your pupils might be able to meet up over the summer in different locations to support each other and continue learning as part of a study group or summer club. This can provide great opportunities for youngsters with SEN to practice their social skills or to take part in group activities which benefit their learning in the long-term.

Start a book club

Developing better reading skills can make a huge difference to a child’s academic achievement, especially if it is not something that comes naturally to them. Look to provide a list of fun and engaging texts that they might be able to find in the school library for pupils to read over the summer. You may even wish to encourage some healthy competition by challenging pupils to read more than their peers.

Look online

The internet is overflowing with great ideas and learning activities, alongside a wealth of teaching resources. Find specific websites that focus on certain learning needs or look to add links to your school learning portal if you have one. Remember that pupils will require a certain amount of hand-holding when it comes to internet use though, as you’ll need to ensure they are not exposed to any inappropriate material. Where possible, look to make sure that parents are able to provide some supervision when pupils are completing any online games and activities at home.

If you’re a SEN teacher and you’re keen to help your pupils, there are many options at your disposal. By talking to your class in the run-up to the summer holidays, you should be able to provide tailored activities which most benefit them.

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