Why you should be using a Teaching Assistant planner


Why you should be using a Teaching Assistant planner

If you’re one of a growing number of teaching assistants in Britain, you’ll know that organisation is one of several key skills required for the role. This is where a teaching assistant planner could transform your education experience, as we’ll explore here.

There is the full-time equivalent of more than 281,000 teaching assistants in state-funded schools in England, according to the latest government school workforce figures, published in June 2023. This equates to around three in ten of the overall education workforce and these staff play a vital role in supporting teachers both in and out of the classroom.

With many tasks to oversee throughout the typical school day, using a teaching assistant planner can help you to keep track and really make a difference in the classroom. It’s a useful tool which can enable you to be a successful teaching assistant, so you can stay on top of tasks and aid your professional development.

Be better organised

One of the main benefits of using a teaching assistant planner is its ability to help you stay organised. By planning the week ahead, you can manage your time and tasks effectively, meaning that all pupils receive the help and support they need. You’ll be able to track any classroom preparation requirements, lesson planning and lunch/playground duties. You’ll also be able to use a teaching assistant planner to make a note of any breakfast or after school clubs you are involved in.

Develop clear lesson/project plans

Good teaching assistants will work closely with teachers when it comes to lesson planning too. Having a better understanding of the lesson material will enable you to complement the words of the teacher. This ultimately avoids stereo teaching – the idea that a TA just repeats what has previously been said – which can cause confusion rather than driving engagement and a willingness to learn. Here, a teaching assistant planner enables you to make a note of key lesson objectives, which can then be considered in any guidance that is given to pupils.

Track pupil progress and interventions

If you’re regularly providing support to pupils with special educational needs (SEN), tracking their development can ensure that each and every intervention is relevant. Use your teaching assistant planner to note progress of individuals at the end of each lesson, as it can then be used as a reference tool when you next work with them. You’ll also have a clear means of logging assessments or any behavioural issues, as well as any other key milestones in a pupil’s development.

Develop a reference tool

Continued professional development is vital for TAs, as building up your skill set can pave the way for future opportunities in education. By tracking your daily routines and development in a teaching assistant planner, you have a handy reference tool that you can look back on for notes and guidance. It could also be used to shape personal development plans if you’re able to identify situations where your skills could be enhanced or where you may have done something differently with hindsight.

As you can see, there are many benefits to using a teaching assistant planner and you’ll find a wide array of options online which can be downloaded. We recommend finding one that you like and including it in your daily working routine – you certainly won’t regret it!

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