Teachers In China Are Respected The Most


An international study compared the level of respect teachers received in 21 countries, with China taking the lead for the highest level of public respect. The global index compiled by professor Peter Dolton placed UK teachers in 10th position.

The research was based on survey results of 1,000 adults in each of the 21 countries. The study investigated the views of the public towards teaching jobs in terms of pay, status, confidence and desirability of a career in teaching.

Teaching Jobs Important In China, Survey Reveals

Due to a strong cultural emphasis on education, China has been confirmed as the country which values teaching jobs the most. According to Dolton, teachers in China are thought of very highly. What is more, the majority of the adults surveyed in China said that they believe that students would respect educators. This has been found in contrast to other countries, where a much smaller number of adults thought that school children would respect their teachers.

In China, the teaching jobs were compared to those of doctors, while in the UK teachers were mostly put together with occupations such as social workers and nurses. In the US, for instance, teachers were placed in the same category as librarians.

Cultural differences reveal a variety of views and levels of respect towards teaching jobs around the world. According to the survey results, Greece took the second position as a country which also thinks highly of educators.

However, though the level of respect in the UK was lower compared to China, the research showed that there is a lot of support for teachers. The majority of UK respondents believed that teachers should get better salaries. Additionally, a significant number of respondents said that the teacher unions should have more power in opposition to others who said the teachers’ unions were too influential. Despite this, the newly introduced performance pay principle was mostly viewed sympathetically.

According to Prof Dalton, the level of respect influences the standards of education. It, in turn, affects financial rewards and, ultimately, how well educators perform in their teaching jobs.

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