New Year's Resolutions for teachers


With 2016 fast approaching, it’s time to look ahead into the New Year and think about what you want to do and the kinds of things that you want to achieve. We’ve put together a list of suggested New Year’s resolutions for teachers.

1. Take steps to improve your organisation.

If you find that things are constantly sneaking up on you, or that you’re forever in a rush to get things done in the classroom it may be worth looking into techniques to better organise your work and to implement things in advance.

2. Maintain a good work-life balance.

Everyone needs time away, and if this year the lines between home and school have been becoming blurred, it’s worth reassessing your work-life balance. Devoting more time to yourself will not only keep you happier, and less stressed. It will also make you a better teacher as you’ll have more energy and enthusiasm to bring to the classroom!

3.  Be more creative in class.

If you feel like you’re teaching the same lessons year after year, it could be time to mix things up. You could consider another way to present the information in a more engaging way, or look into incorporating some different technology might allow you to offer a new kind of lesson. 

4. Connect with the pupils

It’s very easy to get caught up in the routine of delivering lessons, but it’s also important to get to know the kids in your class. It’ll make your daily life a lot more fun and understanding the kids will help you to teach even more effectively.

5. Reintroduce consistency

On the road to the Christmas holiday, it’s natural for most classrooms to lose a bit of structure and consistency. The New Year is a great opportunity to bring things back down to earth

6. Revitalise your classroom

If you’ve been using the same space for some time, it’s natural that it could start to feel stale. Take the New Year as an opportunity to reorganise the space. New surroundings can really re-energise both teacher and class.

7. Set yourself some goals

We all have areas that we want to improve in, personal and professional. The New Year is an ideal time to come up with some goals to help guide yourself in your professional development.

Wishing you happy New Year from everyone here at Tradewind Recruitment!