Top 10 Mother's Day craft ideas for the classroom


Mothering Sunday is always the second Sunday in March. It is a day for children to show their appreciation to their mothers, and it is common for children to give their mothers a card and a gift.

As a leading supply teaching agency Tradewind Recruitment are always keen to assist teachers, so we have put together a list of our favourite Mother’s Day craft ideas for young children to create at school. 

1. Mother’s Day Personalised Key Ring Ideas

There are some great examples of simple children’s key ring designs across the internet. Our favourite example is a heart key ring made from clay and ribbon, it so cute! For instructions on how to make this particular key ring click here.  

2. Personalised Mother’s Day Card

A personalised Mother’s Day card that has been made with love and care is much more appreciated than a card brought from the shop that anyone could have. Your kids could create a card that their parents will cherish forever. We love the personalised pop-up cards. For instructions on how to create a pop-up Mother’s Day card and for a list of materials required please click here. 

3. Mother’s Day Personalised Bracelet

We love this beaded bracelet and we think mums will too. It is a little more complicated to make than a standard bead bracelet but if you and your class are up to the challenge the instructions to make this beautiful bracelet can be found here.  

4. Mother’s Day Personalised Magnet

So easy and fun to make! Why not get creative and make a personalised Mother’s Day magnet for the fridge door? For instructions on how your kids can create their very own magnet for their mum click here. 

5. Mother’s Day Craft Flowers

We think these flowers look amazing and they will last forever! You will need to allow around 3 and a half hours for the paint to dry so this is probably a morning and afternoon activity. To find out what materials are required please click here for the step by step guide to creating your very own Mother’s Day craft flowers. 

6. Mother's Day Personalised Photo Frame

The design is great and it is very simple to make, perhaps the children will have fun adding their own personal touches? For information on how to create this lollipop photo frame click here. 

7. Mother’s Day Poem

Creating a poem will really get the children thinking about how important their mothers are to them and why they are special. For tips on how to create a simple poem click here. 

8. Mother’s Day Vase

Rope covered bottles make great looking vases. Perhaps try using a different coloured rope to make them more exciting. We advise that using a plastic bottle will be a safer alternative to glass. For a step by step guide on how to create a roped wrapped vase click here. 

9. Mother’s Day Bookmark

There were lots of bookmark craft ideas but we liked this heart design the best. Perhaps the children could hide a bookmark n their Mother’s Day card? They could add a message to the back of the bookmark to make them even more special. Please click here for information on how to create this particular heart-shaped bookmark. 

10. Mother’s Day Picture

Be prepared to get the classroom messy with this amazing Mother’s Day bouquet painting. So easy to create, but they look great! For more information about this painting please click here. 

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