The worst and best April Fool's Day pranks for teachers


April Fool’s day takes place on 1st April every year. It is commonly a day that people play practical jokes on one another for fun, but sometimes this can be a disaster. We have found some of the worst and best practical jokes but be warned some of them are truly shocking!

Student blows up a school toilet

Two students blew up a school toilet so badly that you could not recognise it as a toilet! The students faced charges of possession of an explosive device on school property, criminal conspiracy, and vandalism. To find out more click here

School cafeteria prank results in hospitalised staff

A student snuck into the school cafeteria kitchen and spiked a sauce with extremely hot chilli. The chilli was so hot that it was graded almost as hot as pepper spray! Three kitchen staff were hospitalised after inhaling the fumes. The student was arrested and charged as a juvenile for five counts of assault. To read more click here.

Goat prank on school football pitch renders the ground unusable for 6 months

A number of students released around 12 goats, which belonged to the school’s agriculture department, onto the school’s football pitch. There was then an outbreak of E.coli which meant that the field had to be closed. To find out more click here

Teachers joke text message results in the school surrounded by armed police

A teacher sent a prank message to her daughter which said she could hear gunshots being fired inside the school. Her daughter was then unable to contact her mother and so called the police. The police arrived at the school fully prepared for the situation only to find out it was a ‘joke’. The teacher was arrested and charged with breach of peace. To read more click here

And now, once you have got over those shocking real-life stories, here are some of the best April Fool pranks.

Embarrassing phone call in class

A teacher who was well known for making pupils answer their phone on speaker in class was caught out in a prank by one of his students. When the pupil answered the call on speaker it was another pupil posing as a caller from the ‘Pregnancy Resources Centre’ and he proceeded to tell her that she was pregnant. The teacher was extremely embarrassed and it was caught on video so click here

School For Sale - or not?

The students think that they are answering serious questions on camera, however, their teachers in the background have other ideas. Click here to see the video.

Teacher pulls interactive video stunt

In an attempt to liven up his class and confuse his students, a teacher created an interactive video teaching maths. Click here to see the video for yourself.