Learning at Work Week Ideas


What is Learning at Work Week?

Learning at Work Week is a national event, which takes place annually. It is organised by Campaign for Learning, who have been running this campaign since 1999.

What is the aim?

The aim is to promote employees learning and development in their career. It is a great opportunity for employees to learn a new skill at work.

When does it take place?

It usually takes place in either the 2nd or 3rd week in May. 

What is the theme?

The theme changes each year and is usually announced in the September before, giving you plenty of time to research and organise. 

How can your school take part?

You can register your events with Campaign for Learning. Once your event is registered you will be given access to promotional material such as banners and flyers etc.

Your event could consist of anything, from something small such as a new skill from a fellow teacher, or you could organise a bigger event such as teacher training sessions. If time is of the essence short sessions could be taken in a lunch break.

Get together with your work colleagues and help each other out, this way it will also be more fun and social!

To get you started here are some ideas for Learning at Work Week:

  • Educate another teacher about your subject
  • Run short sessions on a particular topic e.g. how to cope with disruptive students.
  • Ask the head teacher to talk about their experiences as a teacher
  • Shadow a teacher
  • Create a short competition to engage staff, e.g. a maths test

Why not get your school involved and get excited about what knowledge you could gain! For more details on Learning at Work Week for schools please click here.