Get your class involved: Father's Day Lesson Plan


Father’s Day in the UK happens every third Sunday in June, so why not get the kids involved in some fun and creative classroom activities? We have put together some great ideas that everyone will enjoy and the children can take home a gift for their dad.

Father’s Day facts

Father’s Day celebrates fatherhood and male parenting.

The day originated in the United States.

The first father’s day was celebrated on July 5, 1908.

In 1966 President Lyndon B. Johnson officially designated the third Sunday in June as Father's Day.

Father’s day is not a public holiday in the UK.

It has become a tradition for families to get together and celebrate their fathers on Father’s day. People often organise a family meal and fathers will receive a gift and a card.

More traditional Father’s Day gifts were ties and tobacco pipes. The day has become increasingly commercial and retailers now have ranges of specially created Father’s day gifts and cards, so there are endless gifts to choose from. Restaurants also get involved and often hold special offers over the Father’s Day weekend.

Here are our top 5 Father’s Day classroom activities:

1. Father’s Day Card

Simple but effective we love this shirt and tie card craft idea. All you need is A4 card, some coloured paper and glue, simple! If you would like more details on how to make this card click here. 

2. Father’s Day Photo Frame 

This handmade photo frame is perfect for dad’s desk at work and he can cherish it forever. For details on how to make this frame please click here. 

3. Father’s Day Paperweight 

The kids will have great fun finding a suitable rock, and Dad gets a useful gift for his desk. It’s a win-win situation! To find out what materials you will need click here.  

4. Father’s Day Pen Holder

These pen holders look great and are a very useful gift for around the house. They are much safer than the tin can versions as they are made from card tubes. To find out what you need to make these particular pen holders click here.      

5. Pom Pom Pal

We can’t see why anyone wouldn’t want a Pom Pom Pal? The children may have difficulty handing over their cool gift. These are a great gift for Dads desk, car, truck or van. To see a video of how to make them and the materials you will need click here.