Royal Ascot Horse Racing Lesson Plan


If you are looking for an engaging lesson idea why not try something fun in line with the Royal Ascot Horse Race?

If you are not familiar with one of the most important events on the horse racing calendar we have put some information together to give you a breakdown of what it’s all about. 

The history of The Royal Ascot 

The Royal Ascot is one of the most anticipated horse racing events of the year and is always attended by the Queen and various members of the Royal Family. The race dates back to 1711 and was founded by Queen Anne. 300,000 people attend the races making it Europe’s most attended race. The prize money amounts to around £5 million!

Royal Ascot is also extremely well known for its dress code. People spend thousands of pounds on their outfits and hours putting them together. Hats, in particular, are the main feature of Ladies Day. There are many great activities you could try out with your class.

Activity for Physical Education Class

Give each person in the class a slip of paper that contains one of the 32 runners in the Gold Cup race. The list of horses running in the race can be found on most betting websites. 

They should then write on the slip of paper a little bit of information about their form e.g. tall, runs fast.

The slips of paper should then be given back to you (teacher) and pinned to the board. The children can then have a look at which horse they think they should bet on. Once they have decided they give their betting paper with their name and the horse they have chosen back to the teacher.

You can give the winner of the running race a prize and whoever bet on the winning runner has a prize divided between them – chocolate or sweets is probably easiest to divide up. 

Activity for Design/Fashion Class

Design horse and Jockey colours for a horse race, you can find a template here. Or they could design an outfit to wear for the races.

Activity for Science/Maths Class

Use a grid for this activity. Students choose a horse to bet on, numbered between 1 and 12. Two dice are then rolled and the horse with that total moves forward. To start with the students will probably bet on their favourite numbers, which leads to a good conversation about how to tell which numbers will be more likely to win. It is a good game to get students thinking about sample spaces and probability. 

Primary School Game (9 years plus)

There is a great board game available called Long Shot. Up to 8 players (or pupils could team up) can bet, buy horses and create strategies throughout the race.