How to approach your first day of your new job


The first day at your new job can be the most exciting and nervous day of your life, you’ve gone through countless hours of job searching, filling in applications, assessment centres, interviews, second round interviews – and now you’ve landed the job!  You’ll be raring to get going on your first day. Feeling nervous? That’s to be expected! Your employees will be wondering what your personality is like and if you will fit in. Your employer will be making a judgement about your potential from day one; you need to prove that you were the correct choice.We have gathered together some great tips for starting your first day to make sure you start things off on the right foot and survive your first day with 10 tips from Tradewind Recruitment.

1. Be positive

You might be overwhelmed and nervous which is why it is important to be positive about this new start and don’t forget to smile and socialise, as it can go a long way.

2. Be courteous

As with most things you do in life be courteous. Say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ when necessary. It’s a small thing but everyone will appreciate it.

3. Make sure you introduce yourself to everyone!

There is no doubt you will be nervous on your first day and feel shy but you only get one chance at a first impression, do not be scared of your new colleagues. You might get introduced to everyone, but some people might be out and you won’t be introduced to them on your first day. Do not ignore them if you bump into them later on, stop and introduce yourself, people will admire your confidence.

4. It isn’t illegal to ask questions

Just remember you aren’t meant to know it all, ask questions like there is no tomorrow it is okay to do so! People will get more annoyed if you’re unsure and don’t say anything rather than asking questions.

5. Don’t be late!

Make sure you leave in plenty of time and try to show up at least 10 minutes early, it will show you are organised but not too eager. Plan your journey and look up alternate routes (just in case).

6. Don’t try too hard, just be you.

You don’t have to wow your new colleagues, gradually get to know them as they will get to know you. No one likes an arrogant show off so stay modest in your early days.

7. Say ‘Yes!’

If you’re invited to eat lunch with workmates take them up on the offer even if you have already got lunch with you, it is a perfect socialising opportunity. Some workplaces go out for a drink after work on Fridays, be sure to include yourself in any form of socialising.

8. Listen and Observe

Especially being a teacher it is good to observe others and how they handle different situations. There might be a lot of information given out on your first day so make sure you listen.

9. Volunteer

Later down the line make sure you open yourself up to volunteering at the school whether it helps after school, or setting something up for a school play etc. Always be willing to help out others it costs nothing but a little bit of your time, time in which you will socialise with colleagues and feel useful.

10. Smile and Relax

Last of all smile, relax and most of all enjoy your first day at work. 

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