Festival Lesson Plan


As it is the summer time and festival season is in full swing, there are tonnes of events going on across the country and it’s a tough time to keep the students interests and engaged so keep the lessons fun.

We have put together a lesson plan that encompasses a range of subjects all based around the festival season.  

Planning your own festival 

Aims for the students     

  • This allows students to practise speaking skills through discussion as well as reading skills·         
  • The main aim is to create/manage a festival in a group

The ideal age range would be from 11-15 years old as it involves Media and Art, Mathematics and English. The time this lesson would take is around 60 – 90 minutes.

Planning a festival

Get the students to plan a festival for the local area (local town or city). Work in small groups to decide what type of festival it will be and where it is going to take place. Make sure the students take into consideration everything such as:

  • How long will the festival last? (Think about lighting if it will be a night)
  • How many people can go to the festival? (How much space is there available?)
  • How much does a ticket cost? (How much profit can you make? – Use of mathematical skills)
  • Does some of the money go to charity? (If so, which charity and why?)
  • What jobs would you need to advertise? (How many staff members roughly would be needed?)
  • Security guards? (How will you control the activities?)
  • Ticket inspectors? (Where will the entrance be?)
  • First aid teams etc? (What potential injuries can occur?)
  • What is special about your festival? 

A great starting point for the students is to think of a name for their festival and be ready to explain to the class about it.

The pupils will need to draw a birds-eye view plan for their festivals showing where the different events take place.

Have a class discussion on what are the ingredients of a good festival? Discuss the possible elements below and then add the following points to their festival plans:

  • Music – Think about the type of music would be popular in your area.
  • Food – Take allergies and vegetarians into consideration. 
  • Theatre, Costumes and Dance – What entertainment will there be?
  • Camping – Will guests be able to stay the night? Is the festival more than one night?

This lesson plan can stretch into a full term of activities if you are well prepared and organised. For more lesson plans ideas, keen an eye on our blog.