How to Write the Perfect Teaching Cover Letter


Your cover letter is the first thing an employer sees when reviewing a potential candidate. It needs to be professional and to the point, and should provide an overview of your CV. First impressions are key and if you’re cover letter is not up to scratch, employers will not take your application further. Each cover letter should be unique and related to the role you are applying for, and never more than one page long.

To help you put your cover letter together we have provided some key points to follow below. 

Key information to include

  • Name and address
  • Date
  • Name of recipient
  • Include a reference to the job title/position and reference number

Main Body

Dear[Name if known, if not use Sir/Madam]

Paragraph 1   

This should be an introduction paragraph, outlining what role you are applying for and where you saw the role advertised.

Paragraph 2

This paragraph should be an introduction to yourself, it is your change to sell your skills and experience. Remember to relate these to the job description. Explain how your knowledge would make you ideal for this role. Ensure you back up your points with facts, taken from your CV.

Paragraph 3

Tailor your cover letter to the individual job and school you are applying for. Ensure you complete some research on the school and demonstrate this in the third paragraph. For example highlighting the schools OFSTED report. You should also cover why you would want to work here.

Paragraph 4        

Use this paragraph to show your personality and interests – especially if they relate to the role. Extra-curricular activities or volunteering work you have been involved in are good to mention here. Also, if you have any career aspirations, or goals you are working towards, include them as well.

Final paragraph

Ensure you finish the letter positively. Say that you look forward to hearing from them and mention your availability for interviews.

Yours sincerely,

[Your Name]

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