The benefits of using a recruitment agency to get a teaching job


So you've graduated from university, now what? When you are looking for a job it can be a daunting task, especially being a graduate. Going through different job websites trying to find the perfect role that suits you can be time-consuming, tailoring your cover letter for new applications each time can become boring and repetitive, but that is where Tradewind recruitment can help! 

We work directly with over 150 schools in the UK, last year we placed 2,776 teachers and support staff in 1,089 different schools. We have a range of teaching positions available from part time, full time, short term and long term, let Tradewind Recruitment find you the teaching role just for you.

Here at Tradewind Recruitment, we have a variety of different teachings jobs available all over the UK. So no matter what level of job you are looking for we can help, we even have teaching job opportunities for graduates.

Why go through a recruitment agency?

Save your valuable time and let the experts do all the legwork. Finding a job on your own takes a lot of time and once you have found a job you want to apply for the recruitment process can then take a long time as employers have to go through applications, interviewing a number of candidates, second round interviews, screenings, reference checks and more paperwork. However, with a recruitment agency they can take care of all of these steps for you up to the actual interview stage, saving the employer’s time and saving you time and effort. Recruitment agencies will know exactly which candidates are will fit best for the job role. Which means you won’t be put forward for a job that will not suit you.

Good recruitment agencies will be used repeatedly for available positions at one company. Which means once one successful candidate has been found for a company, the next time a job is available at that company they are more likely to use the same recruiter. This means that if you don’t get a job at a company that you really wanted to work for, opportunities will rise again.

Agencies work closely with the company and the candidate, helping them make a good impression on the employer which is beneficial to the candidates who may be feeling anxious about their interview, they might actually know some of the questions you might be asked in your interview and give some pointers! They can support you and build an ongoing relationship as they understand looking for a job is a big deal.

When using a recruitment agency you can get a tailored job search which will make the job hunt more manageable. The best recruiters have a great track record of finding the right employees for a job role. One of the best things about agencies is that you get feedback whether it is good or constructive bringing you peace of mind. 

Why not register with Tradewind Recruitment? We can help you find your dream job in teaching.