5 reasons why you should pursue a career in teaching


Have you ever gone to work, done the same boring tasks day in and day out thinking ‘Am I making a difference?' Maybe it is time for a new career change, and teaching is one of the best career routes to go down with its many rewards.

 1. Make a difference in young people's lives

That moment when one student has been struggling with something and they get that eureka moment when you’ve sat down with them is something really special. The reward of teaching is unbelievable. You can even become a role model for children.

2. Teaching is FUN!

What most people think of is the stress when it comes to being a teacher. A lot of things on the news can be disheartening, but being a teacher is genuinely fun! No one day is the same, children can surprise and amaze you every single day. Not to mention the joy when you explain what the lesson will be about and children getting excited. Apart from the word ‘maths’, that brings them to look unenthused, however, if you’re clever enough maths can be made fun and interactive, the more fun it is the more they will understand. 

3. Holidays

If you ever think back to the time you were a student, what do you miss the most? … The summer holidays! It is a great bonus to the job getting a long summer break, whether it is time to relax, or having a bit more time to prepare for the new academic year and catch up on a few bits, these days off are a godsend! Depending on where you want to teach you can also get a week off in October, the Christmas period off, a February break, two weeks off for Easter and a week off at the end of May. 

4. Be like the cool kids

You get to keep up with the latest trends and styles or be ‘down with the kids’. It can be eye-opening to see how generations can change. You can have a laugh and a joke with your students especially if they are in their teens, it can feel quite heart-warming when you are their favourite teacher and keeping up to date with everything helps. 

5. You’ll be a lifelong learner

You’ll be able to learn a lot whilst on the job. Students can ask the most intriguing questions that can make you dig deeper and think! Which makes you a more confident and well-rounded person in most subjects. 

If you feel a passion for teaching or maybe you are just curious, get in touch with Tradewind Recruitment and we can help kick-start your career in teaching!