The REAL Trust Annual Leadership Conference: The main speakers


Several key speakers are due to discuss topics at the forthcoming Rochdale Education and Learning (REAL) Trust’s Annual Leadership conference in November.

As Tradewind Recruitment will be attendance, we thought we’d take a sneak peek at what visitors can expect to hear from the three main talks across Thursday and Friday.

Talk 1: Fiona Millar, Thursday afternoon

Writer and journalist Fiona Millar predominantly covers education and parenting issues and has a new book focusing on education policy in the 30 years since the 1988 Education Act.

While looking back at the last three decades, Fiona will also explore what may occur in the future and discuss what lessons can be learned from past experiences.

Alongside accountability and the expansion of academies, she is also expected to focus on aspects that schools can overlook when it comes to provision.

The 1988 Act is widely regarded as the most important and influential piece of legislation for the education sector since the second world war, having intruded choice, competition and diversity into school provision. 

With experience working as a government advisor, and as the co-founder of the Local Schools Network website, Fiona is well placed to discuss the relevance of policy, and the outcomes that changes can have.

Talk 2: Graham Tudor, Friday morning

Writer and actor Graham Tudor will get things underway on Friday morning and he’ll draw on personal experiences to convey messages of hope.

His talk on Making the Impossible Happen will look at the influence of a teacher on his life and on how many of his shows have been adapted for use in the classroom.

It is hoped that teachers will be able to identify with his story and the message of hope that it conveys, while also highlighting the various approaches that can be taken with young people to ensure better learning outcomes.

Having taken the lead role in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, Graham has also worked on other theatrical and film projects, as well as touring primary and secondary schools offering inspirational talks.

Talk 3: Tim Buckle, Friday afternoon

The final talk from Tim Buckle will focus on how individuals can become happier and more successful in both their professional and personal lives.

The former GB cyclist and coach spent many years working with young people and many of the methods are promoted as part of the Chimp Model that he will discuss.

He will introduce the model as part of his talk and will look into how the mind works and on ways of managing important thought processes.

Teaching staff should be able to apply many of the points to the school environment, especially when it comes to engaging with young people and explaining how certain behaviour maybe unhelpful to themselves and others in the long-term.

We’ll be at the REAL Trust’s Annual Leadership conference on 9 November, so feel free to pay us a visit!