Free finance textbook for all English secondary schools


Finance and saving supremo Martin Lewis has helped to launch a new finance textbook designed to boost education in schools.

The founder of has donated £325,000 to ensure that 100 free copies of the book, titled Your Money Matters, can be delivered to every English secondary school.

Aimed at 15 and 16-year olds, the book covers important financial topics such as student finance, budgeting and consumer rights.

Mr Lewis assisted financial education charity Young Money with its creation and has said it will make it “easier for teachers and schools to teach financial education”.

The book seeks to provide teachers and other school staff with a resource that can be used to form the basis of financial education.

Despite being introduced to the curriculum in 2014, a study by the all-party parliamentary group found that less than one in five secondary school teachers was aware of how to properly cover financial education in lessons.

Providing teachers with support to deliver financial education

Mr Lewis said he hopes the textbook will have a positive impact on the education system, although it needs schools to take advantage of it.

“Companies spend billions on advertising, marketing and teaching staff to sell, yet we don’t get any buyer’s training. That needs to change,” said Mr Lewis. “The best place to teach is in the classroom — I hope this textbook will help make that easier.”

“I still wrestle with whether it’s right that a private individual should fund this. Yet nothing else was forthcoming, and pragmatics outweigh principles.”

Chief executive of Young Money, Michael Mercieca, added that financial education is “vital” to improving people’s wellbeing and of boosting their chances of success.

As well as a section on savings, which addresses aspects such as interest and ways to save, the book also looks at how people can make the most of their money.

It includes tips on budgeting and on grasping the value of money, as well as guidance on borrowing and understanding the world of work.

Other topics include risk and reward, which covers gambling, investments and insurance, alongside information on security and fraud.

You can download a PDF version of the book online here.