10 Top Positive Tips for Teachers


Our top tips give you a quick guide to keeping your class and yourself positive throughout the year.  

1. Avoid the countdowns
As much as we all love a good holiday, and having so many is one of the great perks of being a teacher, you still need to avoid showing you would rather be on holiday than at school. 

2. Win the parents over 

Parents can be one of your best assets or biggest nightmares. Communicate with them often, keep them in the loop and remember to smile when you see them! 

3. Take one day at a time

Teaching is made up of trials and errors, some lessons work, some don’t, some children will love certain tasks, some will hate them. Don’t be deflated when something doesn’t go to plan. Learn from it and move on, tomorrow’s a new day. 

4. Treat your students with respect 

They will only respect you if you respect them. You’re not going to keep your class on your side by shouting, embarrassing children or just treating them badly. Make sure your teaching is consistent with all children, be firm yet fair. 

5. Reward your students 

Positive reinforcement is far more effective in encouraging positive behaviour rather than telling them off. Focus on the good things they do rather than the bad. Provide positive feedback, and refer back to good work they did to show you remembered it. 

6. Give positive feedback even when it’s not great

Always start feedback with a positive. Even if something is wrong, highlight an area they did do well to not deflate the child. For example, ‘Your handwriting is really neat here, however, you have misunderstood the question.’ Starting on a negative always makes this the focus. 

7. Remember why you do the job

Keep special keepsakes your children give you. When you’re having a tough day, just take a look through your collection to remind yourself that it’s not all bad. 

8. Keep it fun 

It doesn’t all have to be serious! Dance, sing, laugh and don’t take yourself too seriously. You work with energetic young people, so join them with their energy. 

9. Avoid the negatives in the staff room

There’s always the people who are doom and gloom about work. Avoid them! Negative people will always drag you down. Stick with the positive staff the ones that love their job. Your positive vibes will rub off on each other and make you a happier person. 

10. Uplift your classroom

Have an organising session at the beginning of each term. A tidy classroom will aid concentration. Don’t just focus on making it student-friendly; make it a comfortable place for you to work in too. You’ll spend many hours in here without students, so make sure your desk is comfortable and clean to work on. 

Follow our ten simple steps and you’re bound to start the school year in the most positive manner possible. Remember there are many perks to being a teacher, focus on these and not on the negatives and remember to enjoy yourself.