£40,000 bursary for troops to train as teachers


Former armed forces personnel are set to be offered £40,000 bursaries to train as teachers, it is claimed.

A report in The Sunday Times suggests that those that have left the army, navy or air force in the past five years could receive the bursary if they train in ‘priority’ subjects such as science and computing.

The scheme will replace the Troops to Teachers programme and finance would be paid in the final two years of a three-year teaching degree.First announced in 2012, the Troops to Teachers scheme was expected to attract 180 people on its first intake at the start of 2014.

However, just 41 people were recruited, with 32 completing the training to become teachers – uptake has increased since but has never reached the numbers expected.

In total, 106 former services personnel have completed training to become teachers, while 96 are still to finish their training.

The latest news follows the launch of the Further Forces Programme in 2017 which aims to attract former members of the armed forces into teaching engineering, science and technology in further education settings.

Funded by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation and the Education and Training Foundation (ETF), the programme will target those without degrees but who have the necessary relevant skills.

The ETF estimates that 110 people could sign up for the 18-month programme, while defence secretary Gavin Williamson believes armed forces veterans have plenty to offer in the classroom.

“Through leadership, teamwork and problem solving, veterans are ideally suited for a career in teaching,” he explained.

More details on the scheme are expected in the coming week.