£40 million scheme to help children with SEND proposed in Lincolnshire


Plans for a new £40 million strategy in Lincolnshire to address the challenges that pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and their families face have been unveiled.

Children, parents and carers are being asked for their opinions on the new scheme, following a consultation meeting that took place earlier this week.

In Lincolnshire, there are around 3,000 children with some form of SEND – which can range from dyslexia to Down’s Syndrome – while 1,580 of those are currently attending 20 special schools in the area.

Under the new plans, capacity at Lincolnshire County Council’s Children’s Services would be increased by 300 places, while a new school would also be built, creating an additional 100 places.

One of the challenges the proposal looks at relates to the distance pupils with SEND have to travel. The plans will see all schools equipped to meet all types of needs and disabilities, so children are able to go to their nearest school.

Additional investment will also be used to ensure all pupils have equal access to the right facilities, while Lincolnshire council has proposed building facilities, including sensory and therapeutic spaces, for pupils with complex physical disabilities.

Some special schools will also place sites in mainstream schools, so those with SEND will be able to access mainstream experiences and curricula, while also benefiting from extra support.

Developing stronger relationships between the special and mainstream schools in the area is also a priority under the proposal.

Councillor Patricia Bradwell, Executive Councillor for Children’s Services, said: “These are significant changes which aim to bring accessible inclusive education in all communities, minimal travel, enhanced provision and increased number of school places.”

Lincolnshire County Council has urged all those with an interest in the proposal to complete the survey by the middle of March.