Christmas Lesson Plan Ideas


With Christmas on the horizon, most pupils are going to be well into the festive mood. Why not get into the spirit of the season with a Christmas lesson plan?  To help you, we’ve put together some of our favourite Christmas lesson ideas below.

Christmas around the World

Christmas is celebrated very differently around the world. Individually or in groups, pupils research how Christmas is celebrated by a given culture or country. They can then write it up or present what they found to the class.

Wrapping paper collage

Encourage pupils to get creative, making designs and images from wrapping paper. Ideal for younger classes; kids can make scenes or patterns using different types, colours and designs of wrapping paper. If you like you could use these scenes to decorate the class for Christmas.

Santa’s best route

Have the class plan the best route for Santa to take to travel from the North Pole, around the world and back. You can make things more or less complicated for older or younger pupils. Some ideas to vary things include – how many stops per continent does Santa need to make? How far apart must they be? Does he need to land in certain cities? Does he fly faster over oceans or slower over mountains? 

Make a Christmas scene

Using different materials have the class produce festive scenes either alone or in small groups. Scenes can be flat images or even models if you have materials to use. You can decide if you would like them to make something traditional or a more modern Christmas scene. Again, putting these on display can also be a good way to decorate the classroom for Christmas.

Christmas crossword

Put your pupils’ spelling and Christmas knowledge to the test with a Christmas crossword; it’s up to you how fiendish you want to make your clues! For younger kids, you may want to add a word bank or have some words already filled in to make things a little easier.

Make your own decorations

Decorate the class with a personal touch, by having the pupils make their own decorations. This is a great seasonal art project and can be done with easy-to-find materials.