Fun Easter Lesson Plan Ideas


Easter is a great time of year to get crafting in the classroom. The lesson plan ideas are endless and work with most subjects, from baking to art, and religious studies to maths.

We have selected a number of lesson plan ideas to use around Easter, which we believe to be the most fun and easiest to execute. They are suitable for most primary school aged children. 

Easter Cakes

There are plenty of Easter cake options out there, a number of these don’t require baking so having a kitchen available to the students is not always essential.

Pre-made cupcakes Easter Nests

One option is to buy / make cupcakes in advance of the lesson. You can produce a large batch of buttercream icing (Icing sugar, Vanilla Essence and Butter), the icing is then used to create a nest shape on the top of the cupcake by the students. Use mini eggs or any mini chicks you have to fill the nest and leave to set. The mess and effort are minimal but they will look and taste great.

Chocolate Cornflake Nests

Simply melt milk chocolate and mix with cornflakes. The mixture is then placed in cake cases and moulded into a nest shape. Using mini eggs you can then fill the nest. Place them in the fridge or a cold area for an hour to set and they’re ready to be eaten. 

Easter Cards

Easter cards are a fun activity the whole class can join in on. You can make them as simple and straightforward as you like, or get very creative. They make a great classroom wall display and can be taken home on Easter weekend to be enjoyed by the students and parents.

Foil Egg Card

For this card, you will require coloured card, tin foil and any other decorations you have such as ribbon, sequins etc. Firstly, cut out 3 egg shapes from the foil and PVA glue these to the card, you then let the children loose with the sequins and ribbon to decorate the eggs. It makes a colourful card, that requires very little resource and time to make.

Felt Easter Bunny or Easter Chick Cards

Using felt, cut out the shape of an Easter bunny or chick. These are then stuck onto the card using glue. The children can then finish off the card by using coloured tissue paper to make the grass, sky, sun, flowers and anything else they wish to include. 

Easter Egg Hunt

An Easter egg hunt can be a great way to introduce map reading to your students. It’s a great interactive lesson that gets the students moving around and out of their seats. There are a number of ways you can do this. See below for our suggestions.

Make your own map

Split the class into pairs, one student hides the egg and produces their own map as to where it is hidden. The other student then has to find it using the map provided. You can then reverse the pairs so they both get a go.

You provide the map and clues

This is easiest to be completed in small groups of students.  You put together a map including clues around the school and outside, then with the support of a teaching assistant the pupils make their way through the series of clues using the map to find numerous eggs you have hidden around the area. 

Check out our blog for more lesson plan ideas throughout the year.