Guy Fawkes Lesson Plan


Remember remember the fifth of November, Gunpowder, Treason and Plot. 

If you are not familiar with the traditional activities that are part of the 5th November there is plenty of material available across the internet, but to make it easy for you with have compiled a list of our favourite classroom activities.  

There are a number of short videos that explain the story on YouTube we thought the following was the best and most appropriate for school. This child-friendly short video on YouTube does a good job of explaining the reasons behind the 5th November. 

Our favourite classroom lesson activities for Bonfire Night:

1. If your class is at Key Stage level 2 the government have put together 2 useful lesson plans that last 1 hour each. Click here to download the PDF.  

2. Make your own Guy

It can be as simple as using old pillows, clothing, and string. Whatever the materials you are using, the end result is always a good laugh.

3. Bonfire Treat Cake

You will need matchmakers, smarties, melted chocolate and make it easier by getting hold of a readymade sponge for the middle. YUM!

4. Catherine Wheel Craft

Perhaps not quite as messy as the bonfire treat cake is the Catherine Wheel. For a list of what you need and how to structure the craft click here

5. Colouring 

If you are looking for even less mess then simple colouring in sheets will be perfect! Click here for a link to some FREE downloads that you can print off before class. 

6. Chocolate Apple

Traditional chocolate or sticky toffee apples are the perfect combination of a slightly healthy but sweet treat for the children to take home. Click here for a Chocolate apple recipe.

7. Firework safety poster

It is important that the children stay safe around fireworks and sparklers. It is a good idea to educate them about how to keep safe and finish off the lesson with a poster. 

8. Puzzles 

This range of puzzles from the Activity Village will keep your class entertained. Click here to view a list of downloadable activities.