Halloween Themed Lesson Plans


Halloween is an exciting time for kids and adults alike with endless possibilities of bringing the spooky holiday to the classroom. It is important to teach children the origins of this holiday as well as bringing all the fun elements to your lessons. We have picked out some interesting facts and lesson activities below to give you a helping hand should you be stuck for ideas. 

Interesting Halloween Facts

  • Halloween originates from a day dedicated to remembering the dead
  • The word Halloween dates back to 1745
  • Originally called Hallows Eve dating back to 1556
  • It is traditional to use humour and ridicule to confront the power of death

Our Top Halloween Lesson Ideas

1. Easy Ghost Fancy Dress

The children will need to bring in sheets and any white clothing that they own such as gloves and tights. The eye holes are drawn on with paint or pen and you will need to help them cut out small eye holes so they can see where they are going.

2. Pumpkin Carving

Cut a hole into the top of the pumpkin and get the kids to scoop out the inside. Using templates or freehand they can draw a scary face onto the pumpkin with a pen. You will need a knife to cut out the shapes. Add a tea light and voila. 

3. Ghost Stories

Children can make up their own or read from a book. Make sure you keep in mind the age of the children you are reading to when selecting appropriate books. If you are looking for ideas click here

4. Apple Bobbing

Be prepared to get wet!

5. Horror Movies

To see a list of suitable movies with appropriate age ratings please click here.

6. Halloween Treats

There are plenty of tasty treats to make for Halloween but these cookie monsters are our favourite! Click here to see the recipe. 

7. Quiz 

Create a quiz the winners get a treat and the losers get a trick! The quiz could be based on facts or scary characters such as the Adams Family or Frankenstein.  Click here for some question ideas.

8. Face Painting

To make it easier for the children, prepare some pictures for them to follow.

9. Sticky Spider Web

Find a narrow hallway or it could be a doorway if you’re struggling to find somewhere suitable. All you need is some decorator’s tape so you don’t damage the walls or paint. You could even stick on some scary toy spiders.