Pilot programmes to support part-time teaching unveiled by DfE


The Department for Education is set to launch new pilot programmes aimed at supporting part-time teaching in a bid to boost teacher recruitment.

Education secretary Justine Greening announced the plans, which hope to introduce more flexibility into teachers’ work, alongside offering coaching schemes for women working in education.

One of the programmes includes a pilot which will look at the way in which schools already working with part-time teachers have proved to be successful, in order to share information with others and promote best practice.

The second will focus on strengthening the ‘Women Leading in Education’ coaching offer, so women will be able to receive the support they need for their own professional development.

The education secretary also revealed that the Government will work with organisations and unions from across the education sector to ensure the programmes are introduced as smoothly as possible.

Older teachers and those wanting to start a family can find the demands of teaching impact their work-life balance, but the new flexible approach aims to give them an alternative to retiring or finding a different career.

Although there has not been confirmation of when the pilot programmes will be fully introduced, it is hoped that they will be launched soon.

Hannah Essex and Claire Walker, Directors of Communications at Teach First, both believe that the new changes have the potential to attract former teachers back into the profession.

As well as the pilot programmes, the Government has also revealed plans to publish a document that answers any questions that school leaders may have around recruiting for positions with flexible hours.

“We must find ways to keep the door open to those who want to return to teaching, making sure there is adequate support and opportunities for those who want to take a break from teaching. It is only in this way that we can help teachers pause their career, not leave it,” explained Dame Alison Peacock, chief executive of the Chartered College of Teaching.