Preparing your classroom for the new school year


It’s nearly time to start a new school year, meaning the majority of teaching staff will be making their final preparations.

One aspect of this involves creating a sound learning environment in which to successfully deliver those well-thought-out lesson plans.

But what do experienced or newly qualified teachers need to consider when preparing their classrooms for September? Here are a few handy tips.

Think about everyone

Every learner in the classroom should be able to comfortably see and read anything that is written on the board.

Tables should, therefore, be arranged with that in mind while you should have adequate provision for any students that may have visual or hearing difficulties.

Colour combinations also need careful consideration, as a teacher will want to ensure that decorations do not provide an unwanted distraction.

Have a clear out

Leftover wall decorations, displays and other remnants of the previous school year will likely need to be removed, which provides the perfect opportunity to get rid of clutter.

The same applies to your desk – especially if it is home to a mountain of paperwork that is no longer required or relevant to the class.

Box everything away and enjoy the opportunity to be creative.

Look to inspire

As a place of learning, a teacher should look to make their classroom into an area that inspires and which promotes curiosity.

Famous quotes, inspirational messages, or even something as simple as having a travel memento on your desk, can all stimulate conversation and debate.

Keep things neat

Clutter on wall displays or in the classroom isn’t indicative of a great learning environment and in many instances keeping things simple is best.

Remember that many of the displays will be developed over the course of the school year too, so you should leave space for new work so that a class of children can also have an influence on their own workspace.