Why being a teacher is great!


With a new school year rapidly approaching, it’s the perfect time to reflect on all that’s good about being a teacher. So without further ado, here are five of our favourite things about being a teacher: 

1. Developing pupils

As a teacher, you get to help children and young people understand and fulfil their potential. You get to be there as they’re just discovering the things that they’re good at and the aspects of learning that they want to pursue. You are able to help nurture that and encourage key development. There are few other places where you get to have that level of importance in someone else’s’ life. 

2. Family life and holidays

Teaching has advantages when it comes to family life, if you have children then you benefit from generally having the same days off. Not only does this mean more quality time spent with your family, it also saves on having to find childcare for your kids when they’re on school holidays.Similarly, teaching means will automatically have holidays at the most popular times of the year. You will be able to enjoy the best of summer, as well as having Christmas-time off, ideal for any get-togethers with family and friends.

3. Love of the subject

When you’re teaching a subject you love, you get to share your enthusiasm for the topic with the kids. When you’re enthusiastic, your kids will be enthusiastic to learn and you’ll be able to instil a love for the subject in your pupils. 

4. It’s always different

In teaching, no two days are the same. You can teach the same lesson to two different classes and have them progress completely differently, you can never really account for the questions that a group of kids will ask. There’s no rut to settle into, you’ll always be challenged, whether it’s to explain a difficult concept in a way pupils understand or to keep a straight face when someone tells an inappropriate joke. These challenges will keep every day interesting. 

5. Personal development

It’s not just about you developing your pupils as people, they will develop you. As you learn to communicate with kids of vastly different interests, backgrounds and temperaments, you’ll uncover an ability to connect that you never knew you had. Likewise, as you teach your subject, there will be times that you need to try a new teaching approach to get that ‘lightbulb moment’. Each time this will develop your own understanding of the topic, getting you to see it from a new perspective. Teaching will enhance your understanding of a subject just as much as it will for your pupils. 

So there we have it, five things that we think make it great to be a teacher, here’s to an entertaining and interesting new school year!   

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