Work-life balance for teachers


Teaching brings with it tremendous job satisfaction and an uplifting feeling of making a difference. Those are rewards that few other professions can compete with. You are also helping to shape the future lives of your pupils. Teaching matters.

Working in a school to give children the best education possible requires dedication and hard graft, two highly commendable traits. There are occasions when the pressure to get things done may impinge on your personal time and life away from school. For example, lesson planning and marking of students work can be time-consuming and the temptation is to sacrifice your free time at home to do things you feel you should have done at work. Difficult situations like that can create stress and anxiety in even the most experienced teacher.

As a leading UK teaching agency, Tradewind Recruitment knows that a good work-life balance is essential for the happiness and wellbeing of our teachers. Here is our practical guide on how to manage your time and maintain equilibrium between your teaching life and your family life:

  • Prioritise your work and plan to get the most important tasks done first. Commitment is an admirable trait in teachers but know your limits. Assess how necessary each task is and whether an urgent action is needed.
  • Utilise the strengths of the teaching staff at your school and actively seek support from them, if you need it. Make sure that you are aware of shared resources and make use of them.
  • If you are asked to do a task and you know you do not have time to do it then it is better to politely but firmly let people know at the outset. You can always offer to help out on another occasion. 
  • Your health is more important than your work. Make sure you are getting enough sleep as this will boost your energy levels and allow you to get more done in a shorter space of time.
  • Get a hobby. It does not have to be anything energetic.  Yoga and meditation are two fantastic activities that can help reduce stress. Or you could simply start on that novel you promised yourself you would get around to reading.
  • Having a good laugh is said to be one of the best cures for stress. You have to have a social life outside of work!  Meet with friends and socialise. Mingling is therapeutic and a great stress buster.

The essential point is that it is important to switch off from work and relax. Following these tips will give you a healthier and happier work-life balance and will make you a better teacher.

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