Ofqual: Schools should check marking consistency before reviews


Schools that are asked by pupils to review coursework marks should look for marking consistencies by teaching staff prior to submitting requests, Ofqual has said.

The exams regulator is keen for schools to take more responsibility when marking reviews are made, according to a consultation on potential changes.

Under the plans, any centre-marked assessments – such as coursework and controlled exams – should be reviewed to see if marking is consistent.

It follows changes to review processes, as pupils can now request the results of GCSE and A-level coursework, which previously was not possible.

The new rules will see schools made more accountable for the working of their teaching staff, as they will need to “judge whether the marking of an individual student’s work is consistent with the rest of the marking of the centre” when a marking review is requested.

Another new rule could see schools required to inform an exam body if disputes over in-house reviews of marking occur – in such instances, the exam board would then make a decision over the course of action to take.

Part of the process will see current guidance on marking simplified too, in order to assist teaching staff by making the process easier to understand.

Ofqual is midway through a review of deciding how much data exam boards should publish in an effort to reduce duplication and workload for exam boards.

The current consultation will run until 25 January, meaning potential changes could be introduced for the next academic year.