Knife Crime Mitigation; supporting schools across the UK


We’re proud to announce our exclusive partnership with Excel Training Solutions, who provide critical advice and training for schools to help mitigate Knife Crime. 

Did you know that in the UK a knife incident occurs every 25 minutes and that 4 in 5 offenders are aged between 12 to 20 years, whilst a third of victims are aged between 10 and 17 years?  

A recent MORI Survey for the Youth Justice Board found that 29% of Secondary school children, along with 57% of those excluded, admitted to routinely carrying knives.

In support of our schools and academies, Tradewind Recruitment has sealed an exclusive partnership with Excel Training Solutions, an industry recognised organisation which has studied the advice laid out by the Department of Education and taken it to a higher level in order to help schools train their teaching staff on mitigating knife crime, search techniques and dealing with confiscations correctly. 

“We’re pleased to be supporting Excel Training Solutions tackle the hideous knife crime epidemic facing many schools in the UK today. As a parent, as well as being involved in education, you see the first-hand challenges facing many schools tackling this horrible problem. It’s not easy being a student, it’s not easy being a parent, but help is out there and it’s not too far away.” Nick Murphy, CEO of Tradewind Recruitment.

An Ofsted report dedicated to Safeguarding Children and Young People in Education from Knife Crime was launched in March this year, setting out lessons learned from London.  In this they report that ‘Knife crime is just one issue among many faced by children that leaders in schools have to understand and manage on a daily basis.  As one designated safeguarding leader put it: “If you asked a teacher who was in charge of knives, they wouldn’t know:  I’m the drug woman, the knife woman and the sex woman.”  It is therefore important to remember that knife crime does not exist in a vacuum and children who are victims or perpetrators may also be experiencing multiple vulnerabilities.

DfE inspired course

The ‘Mitigation of Risk, Knives in Schools Through Search’ course is already active in the private educational sector and can be delivered onsite in your school in a 4 hour time-frame, for up to 12 delegates and up to 2 observers (consider Governors and PTA).  

Excel Training Solutions’ CEO, Carl Holness commented “I am delighted to be partnering with Tradewind Recruitment in the delivery of a series of unique training courses, specifically designed around safeguarding teachers and students, whilst helping shape the safest environment in schools.   With the daily reports on knife crime, together we look forward to making a positive difference in the educational environment.”

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