Top resources for maths teachers to use


Teaching maths in fun and engaging ways doesn’t have to rely solely on the teacher stood at the front of the class, as there are hundreds of great apps out there to help.

In an age where attention spans are falling, technology has a vital role to play in enhancing attainment and learning methods.

Here, we’ve detailed some of the top resources for maths teachers to use which can help deliver interesting lessons to pupils of different age ranges and maintain their interest in the subject outside of the classroom.

TES (formerly Times Educational Supplement)

TES provides an extensive range of online resources for maths teachers at primary and secondary level, including in-depth lesson plans, engaging games and worksheets. Notable resources include Maths Escape Room plans, quiz packs and a range of bright and creative wall displays – many resources are free, while others can be purchased.

Teaching Ideas

With a set of resources that can help groups aged 5-11, Teaching Ideas has plenty of worksheets and fun games that can encourage out-of-the-box-thinking, including popular emoji puzzles with a range of difficulties.

The Educational App Store

With app listings that are regularly certified and reviewed by professional teaching staff, the Educational App Store acts as a review and recommendation platform when it comes to educational apps. A subscription service, it aims to support teachers by enabling them to discover useful and relevant apps in maths and other subjects.

The STEM Collection

Initially inspired by the London 2012 Olympic Games, the STEM Collection has since been adapted to provide up-to-date and relevant resources for teachers. Designed to encourage mathematical thinking in response to a real-world situation, the packs are suitable for pupils aged 11-14.

Be a Mathematician

Targeting pupils aged 3-14, the BEAM (Be a Mathematician) collection includes a number of activities which can help to enhance understanding. Alongside practical activities, problems and games, many of the resources offer guidance on how best to deliver the material.


The SMILE (Secondary Mathematics Individualised Learning Experience) was a teacher-led project that ran from 1972 to 1990. The set of practical activities for secondary pupils remains relevant and includes hundreds of different resources, all of which have passed the test of the classroom.


Available on iPhone, Android and web platforms, CK-12 has both student and teacher settings packed with interactive learning activities. Although developed predominantly for American audiences, many of the resources can still be tied into parts of the UK curriculum.


Photomath has the ability to read and solve mathematical expressions using a smartphone camera while providing step-by-step guides on how to solve the problem at hand. Designed to make maths easier to understand, the app can provide much needed support for those who may be struggling to grasp the key principles in lessons.


With its capability to develop personalised maths programmes for pupils, DoodleMaths was designed by maths teachers and includes a range of features that can support learning. It has built-in intelligence that identified weaker areas in a child’s ability, meaning it can support those who may be struggling and push high-performing children to extend themselves.

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