Surviving Actors Convention 2019: Making the switch from acting to the classroom


Acting can have many career pathways and can open many doors, especially since many of the key skills can be transferred from role to role, and equally, can be applied in other situations too – such as in the classroom.

Tradewind Recruitment recognises this and is keen to showcase that it’s possible to have a successful Teaching Assistant or support staff career away from acting, or even alongside it.

As a sponsor of the Surviving Actors Convention for the fifth year running, it’s important to highlight the difference that actors can have in classroom surroundings, in either full or part-time roles.

The convention – which provides support, guidance and opportunities for actors – has plenty of open castings, time for 1-2-1s with industry professionals and ample occasions for networking.

We’ll be present at the London event on 9 February and welcome any budding actors to visit us in between the various seminars and workshops that will run throughout the day.

Why are actors great in the SEN classroom?

The vast majority of actors are creative by nature, and that means many will look for new and innovative ways of ensuring that their aid to teaching is fun and engaging.

This motivational and imaginative nature is especially suitable for supporting those with complex special educational needs (SEN), as its possible to engage with pupils in ways that others do not.

On top of this, most have an outgoing personality, which often means they are capable of easily embracing the classroom environment.

Other things to consider

Having worked with a number of actors to help them find their ideal teaching assistant and support roles in education, Tradewind Recruitment understands that an actor might want a role that can fit around other acting commitments.

Daily supply roles and short-term positions allow just that, and it’s often possible to work with schools to find flexible solutions that meet the needs of any individual.

Alongside market leading rates of pay, we can also provide support with interview preparation, access to a dedicated team of consultants and numerous CPD opportunities.

We’ll be at the convention, so please visit us for a chat – especially if you’re keen to explore and broaden your career or try something new.