Why National Careers Week is essential for schools


Careers guidance in schools forms an essential part of ensuring that pupils from all backgrounds reach their full potential.

National Careers Week (NCW) – which is an annual event normally falling in the month of March – puts the focus on the support that is offered in schools to pupils of all ages, but especially the direction on offer for those leaving education.

NCW operates as a not-for-profit organisation that promotes the importance of good careers education and signposting the wealth of options that are available.

Teachers have an opportunity to inspire young people as they prepare for further education, apprenticeships, the world of work, or any other career path.

Youngsters need to be aware of the pathways that are open to them and of the skills they may need to showcase at interview – the concept is a simple one: students that are better informed are more likely to make beneficial career decisions.

Empowering young people

NCW aims to empower students and to boost the life chances and social mobility of those most in need.

By working on the development of careers provision and advice in schools, it should be possible to help young people to better understand, support and fulfil any career goals they have.

What can teachers and schools do?

Schools need to decide which pupils and Year groups will benefit most from NCW, although ideally, as many young people as possible will take part.

NCW also stresses that the week should be more about actions, rather than words and that any classroom activities should have a clear goal or outcome in mind.

  • Encourage pupils to consider their social media and online presence, and the impact that it could have on their career.
  • Working on how to perfect a CV, including the key information and terms that should feature, as well as guidance on layout and formatting.
  • Tackling the art of cover letter writing and on signposting what information should and should not be included.

A number of resources are available to support primary and secondary teachers.