Celebrate Red Nose Day in the classroom in 2019


Since launching in 1988, Red Nose Day has helped to transform the lives of young people both in the UK and overseas.

With a target of eradicating global poverty, the day is a chance to raise awareness of a major issue, but to do so in a fun and engaging way.

Schools and nurseries have a huge role to play in the fundraising efforts on 15 March too, as they raised more than £5 million in 2018.

And of course, the key mantra of Red Nose Day revolves around doing things of all shapes and sizes to really make a difference.

If you’re a primary teacher or secondary teacher, there are many ways to incorporate the day and fundraising into your lessons.

Red Nose Day at primary and secondary schools should be about having fun and bringing the school community together.

This could be done with donations for red noses, talent shows, a baking contest, a sports day or even games such as splat the teacher.

Other popular options include fancy dress, dressing all in red, or having a pyjama day – all can help to raise knowledge and awareness of what the day is all about.

If you’re a primary teacher, in particular, there are a wide array of resources available for primary school teachers on Red Nose Day, all designed to inspire and to spark conversation.

From classroom quizzes to teacher head-to-heads and sporting challenges, there is no limit to how creative primary teachers and secondary teachers can be – there are few opportunities throughout the year to raise awareness of such a major issue but to do it in a way like Red Nose Day allows.