International Women’s Day in schools


International Women’s Day marks an opportunity for the world to celebrate the achievements of women, while also driving forward at peace efforts for gender parity.

Marked annually on 8 March, it represents a chance to take note of the social, cultural, political and economic achievements made by women all over the globe.

The day can be used to push key messages around advocacy, action, unity while celebrating the impact of women from all walks of life.

Given the themes and subject matter, International Women’s Day should be embraced by primary, secondary and SEN schools, as it can help to empower female pupils and promote positive actions.

It’s important to note that not one government or organisation is solely responsible for International Women’s Day, as in the past many have used it to endorse values and spread positive messages.

The main theme for 2019 focuses on building a more gender-balanced world, under the banner of #BalanceforBetter.

Everyone has a role to play in helping to achieve this and primary teachers and secondary teachers can raise awareness and provide a platform in the classroom to encourage healthy discussion and debate.

From challenging stereotypes and bias to simply educating people about the role of women in society, there is plenty that schools can do to champion the day.

Primary teachers and secondary teachers may wish to showcase leading examples of females in the workplace – especially those from industries that have previously been extensively viewed as male dominant – or to highlight the many career options that are available.

The world has seen major changes in attitude in recent times, especially when it comes to thoughts on women’s equality and emancipation – and the discussions need to continue.

International Women’s Day has a wide array of resources for schools that can help to promote the key messages and themes that are related to the day itself.