Why new mothers shouldn’t be forced out of teaching


As a campaign group warns that new mothers are suffering from maternity discrimination and are being forced from teaching, we explore why that doesn’t have to be the case.

According to Pregnant then Screwed, the number of teaching mothers being affected by the issue is increasing, but that has only served to bring more attention to it.

The founder of the organisation, which promotes the rights of mothers, Joeil Brearley, has called for more flexibility and for open discussions on changing cultures within education, telling Tes that it will keep staff within the profession.

Why flexibility matters

Pregnant then Screwed’s head of communications, Aceil Haddad, also voiced concerns, having spoken to many teachers who said they were denied flexibility when wanting to return to the classroom.

Pointing to an example of one teacher that was “heartbroken” at being unable to return to her class, she added that some teacher’s feel they are letting their children down as a result.

Ms Haddad stressed that teachers were not calling for radical changes or for alterations to the school day.“It just requires a bit of flexibility, a change of culture and a bit of wiggle room, and there are cases of really good schools being more than happy to have two-teacher classes,” she explained.

It comes after the Department for Education placed an emphasis on part-time working in the recruitment and retention strategy in January, and after the National Foundation for Educational Research called for improvements in part-time working.

The role of supply work in teaching

Supply work can help to overcome the issue, as it provides top quality teaching opportunities but without the need for full-time hours.

This means that mothers who are talented teachers can still have a major influence on the lives of young people while benefiting the education system as a whole.

If you’re a primary teacher or secondary teacher and you want to return to teaching, get in touch with us today and we’ll help you to find a flexible role that offers a suitable work-life balance.

Supply teaching provides a fantastic opportunity for you to earn some much needed income while still growing a family and continuing your career – and all on your own terms.