National Children’s Day resources


National Children’s Day UK recognises the importance of a healthy childhood and celebrates great initiatives and projects that help children to succeed.

Since launching in 2014, the day has grown year-on-year and more organisations, schools, community groups and charities are taking part.

In 2021, National Children’s Day UK is on Sunday 16th May, and while it cannot be celebrated in the classroom on the day itself, teachers can still promote the key messages associated with it.

The date differs from the United Nations nominated day as National Children’s Day UK wants to encourage children to be outside in their neighbourhoods and surrounded by nature and a day in early summer was chosen as a result.

They claim the day is increasingly important as happy and healthy children can have a huge influence on society at a time when issues around obesity and mental health are prevalent.

For instance, National Children’s Day UK highlights that one in eight children under 19 has voiced mental health concerns, while around two million children in England live in families with substantial and complex needs.

There is, therefore, a need to put an emphasis on children’s health and wellbeing and to celebrate all that is great about growing up.

Ideas and inspiration for teachers

National Children’s Day UK has a wide range of guidance on how to get involved, from ideas around creativity and imagination to others around, science, physical activity, music, theatre, dance and the great outdoors.

All of the ideas promote fun and freedom of expression and showcase how there are few limits on how schools, teachers and pupils can take part.

The performing arts can help to boost confidence and support children to express themselves, while physical activity can positively impact their physical and mental health.

Meanwhile, both primary teachers and secondary teachers can promote reading and the arts, as they can enhance a child’s creativity and imagination, while science and developments within it will have a huge impact on future generations.

Even an action as simple as promoting the importance of these topics should have positive results, both in and out of the classroom.